Proof positive the mountains of the Northwest are gorgeous

"The first video is entitled 'Glory on High' and focuses on the mountains and their interaction with the weather in Washington state," Jensen says.

"Most of the scenes were shot in the Cascades with a few scenes from the Palouse and North Bend. Locations include Sahale Arm, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Table Mountain."

His second video, "Alpine Dreams" is set at nighttime.

"The goal with this project was to focus a little less on just the Milky Way, and a little more on the mountains themselves while including a real mix of star action," he wrote. "To that end, there is everything from the full moon, to skies just full of stars moving in all direction. There are also a few scenes of the Northern Lights over the skies of Washington State."

Other notable items captured in this series: Wildfires in Eastern Washington raging at night from 7,800 feet on Sahale Arm, light pollution from Portland visible from 8,000 feet on Mount Rainier under the glow of the milky way, a 4th of July sunrise explosion of color over Mount Rainier, and an Aurora storm over Mount Baker.

He says these videos are the first two in a long project to document the many wonders of Washington State. Upcoming projects include a virtual tour of the coastline, the rain forest, and a feature on Seattle. And we'll be sure to feature them here when they're completed!

In the meantime, you can see more of Jensen's awesome work on his Flickr page and on his website.