Skagit Valley blessed with perfect climate for tulips

Amsterdam Skagit Valley Annual Rainfall 30.0 inches 32.3 inches Average Winter High/Low 40.3 / 32.0 45.5 / 33.6 Average Summer High/Low 72.0 / 55.0 73.5 / 50.7

But Roozen says the Skagit Valley's climate is made even better by their close proximity to water and the maritime breezes that blow in from the Strait of Juan de Fuca through the flatland that sits between Mount Vernon and La Conner.

"Basically, we are surrounded by a cool maritime climate that provides for cool/cold winters (but not freezing) that gradually transition to cool springs and warm summers and moderate autumns," he said.

Roozen says that gradual transition is a key advantage to having why they have some of the best tulips in the world.

"Because of the cool winter and spring and the very gradual increase in temperature, the tulips have a very long growing season which allows them to form some big big blooms and develop very vibrant colors," he said. "Tulips will have a sudden burst of growth/bloom in climates that have a quick transition from cold to warm."

And while some of the locals might fret at the frequent rains here, the farmers say it's the right balance.

"We receive the right amount of precipitation during the seasons too," Roozen said. "Plenty of rainfall during the winters (sometimes too much) and springs, and enough dry weather to harvest the bulbs during the summers and then plant them again in the fall."

And then the icing on the cake -- the soil is perfect there too!

"In addition to the climate, the farmland in the Skagit Valley is blessed with very fertile topsoil," Roozen said. "This is the result of years and years of flooding from the many sloughs that ran throughout the valley before the Skagit River was diked. As much as the tulips like our combination of weather and environment, the daffodils may enjoy it even more. Our tulip bulbs and flowers grow to very large sizes while our daffodils grow to enormous sizes!"

Tom and Jeannette DeGoede of nearby Tulip Town can also attest to the perfect growing conditions.

Tom arrived with is brother from Holland 55 years ago. "(He) realized that with the wonderful marine air and great soil, this was the place to raise tulips," Jeannette DeGoede said.

They just grew tulips for the first 30 years, but were later able to expand to bring in some varieties from Holland that were seen for the first time at Tulip Town. They've also created the peace gardens and just this year, dedicated a memorial garden in honor of veterans.

"It was been 55 years we have built this together, step-by-step," DeGoede said. "We did our best."