Storm chaser gets amazing video of rotating supercell thunderstorm

"One thing to note early on in the first part is the way the rain is coming down on the right and actually being sucked back into the rotation. Amazing," Olbinski wrote. "A few miles south is where part two picks up. And I didn't realize how fast it was moving south, so part three is just me panning the camera to the left. During that third part you can see dust along the cornfield being pulled into the storm as wellpart of the strong inflow. The final part is when the storm had started dying out and we shot lightning as it passed over us."

In between shots, it got a bit harrowing.

"Between the third and fourth portions we drove through Booker, Texas where tornado sirens were going offit was creepy as all heck. And intense," Olbinski wrote.

The storm never did form an actual tornado, surprisingly, but Olbinski didn't mind.

"No, there was no tornado. But that's not really what I was after," he said. "I'm from Arizona. We don't get structure like this. Clouds that rotate and look like alien spacecraft hanging over the Earth.

"I love it the way it is. I wasn't ever certain I'd see structure like this even though it's been such a goal of mine. But we did it."

If Olbinski's name sounds familiar, you might have seen his time lapse work of dust storms in the Phoenix area, like this one that went viral two years ago: