Time lapse video shows Northwest is still gorgeous, even without color

"Welcome to 'Chromation,' a black and white tour of the Northwest," Jensen wrote on his Vimeo page. "I have been wanting to do a black and white time lapse for a while, and here it finally is."

He says there is something truly beautiful about the Northwest, and part of that beauty is shaped by the weather.

"While I love clear skies for shooting stars, I am more and more drawn to the variety of weather phenomenon in the Northwest. I have spent many mornings in awe of splendid bank of Alto Cumulous clouds. Watching lenticulars come and go has become a new favorite pass time. And, seeing a cloud bank seem to continuously pour out of (or disappear into) a void spot in the sky has been the source of many hours of wonder. The black and white processing, really brings all that out. When you take away the colour, all that is left are the details. And, it is these detail that really make a location, and a moment special."

You can find out more about Don's video and the locations for these shots on his Vimeo page