Time lapse video week Day 1: Our mountains show off

"I moved here 7 years ago from Texas, and I am still in awe at the variety of landscapes from the beaches and mountains, to the rain forest and western hills," he wrote to me. "To be honest, mountains are a special interest to me because, as subjects go, there are so many dynamic ways to capture them. However, the goal is to capture the entirety of the state into one seamless project. I'm also trying to capture the amazing variety of weather we have up here, and the more I've gotten into time lapse, the more I appreciate how fast things can go from crappy, to amazing, to just completely off the charts epic."

He's focusing on shooting now that we're in the dry season and once the fall rains come, he'll work more on refining the videos.

But here are some sneak peeks of his work. The first one is of particular interest because while I've showcased lenticular clouds many times in this blog, the video actually shows on getting destroyed by winds (about :34 seconds in).

Watch about halfway through on this one -- you can see Rainier's impressive shadow being cast on the lowlands:

This last one shows some of a wildfire burning in Eastern Washington (the ground flashes to the left):

Coming Tuesday: Oregon shows off its beauty.