Healthy Pregnancy Tips


Author of "Common Sense Pregnancy" Jeanne Faulkner joins us to share her tips on navigating a healthy pregnancy.

Jeanne's Tips:

1 - Get Healthy Before or As Soon As You're Pregnant

Knock off the bad habits (like smoking and drinking) and bump up the good ones - eat well, exercise and de-stress

2 - Get The Right Maternal Healthcare

If you're healthy, consider seeing a midwife. If your medical situation is more complicated, an obstetrician or other specialist might be a better fit.

3 - Be Pregnant Like A Boss

It's your health and you're responsible for it. Your midwife or doctor works for you.

4 - Eat The Right Stuff and Watch The Weight

Many pregnant women don't eat enough healthy stuff and or gain unhealthy amounts of weight. That's when some develop complications

5 - Move Your Body

Exercise is important for weight control, a healthy placenta, stable blood sugar and stress reduction.

6 - Get Some Rest, Will Ya?

Growing someone else's body is exhausting. If you don't rest, you're asking for illness.

7 - Be Flexible

After you've made your plans about how your pregnancy, birth and parenting will go...let go. Flexibility is key.