How to Become an Independent Publisher


The author of "Journey to Wizards' Keep" and "The Hunt for Winter" , K.C. Cowan talked with Tra' Renee about how to be an "Indy" Publisher. Click here for more information.

What does it take to be an indie publisher?

Patience! And figuring out which publishing format you want to use. We used Create Space, but there are others, like Book-Baby. Create Space is linked right into Amazon, for Print on Demand and E-books, so most people use that.

Create Space will also give you a free ISBN barcode, but then THEY are the listed publisher (that reeks of self published!) so if you to look more professional, then you want to create your own publishing company with a logo and have that be the listed publisher on Amazon. You must buy your own ISBN. It's worth the $100 or so dollars.

How easy was it for you?

If I can do it, anyone can I am not that computer saavy but they have templates to format, and there are YouTube videos to show you step by step.

They also have people who can help you by phone figure things out.

And, when you think you are ready, you can order a proof copy for final check for mistakes or typos. Then, when you approve it, it gets loaded and you're good to sell!

Advantages? Total control and you get all the profit from book sales. If a book costs $4 to print and it sells for $18 you get all 12 of those dollars you don't have to share with the publisher, which is usually a 60/40 split.

Disadvantages? No one to give you input on things like a cover or plot issue. No one to help you market or do things like set up book signings, or a website.

You also are responsible for all the up-front costs: editing, cover design, buying the ISBN, etc.

1000 plus books are published by Indie Publishers on Amazon EVERY WEEK, so getting noticed is a challenge.