Inside Private Prisons

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Lauren-Brooke Eisen talks about her new book, Inside Private Prisons.

About the Book:

When the tough-on-crime politics of the 1980s overcrowded state prisons, private companies saw potential profit in building and operating correctional facilities. Today more than a hundred thousand of the 1.5 million incarcerated Americans are held in private prisons in 29 states and federal corrections. Private prisons are criticized for making money off mass incarceration — to the tune of $5 billion in annual revenue. Based on Lauren-Brooke Eisen’s work as a prosecutor, journalist, and attorney at policy think tanks, her new book, Inside Private Prisons (Columbia), blends investigative reportage and quantitative and historical research to analyze privatized corrections in America.

Book Event:

  • Thursday, January 18 @ 7:30 PM
  • Powell's City of Books