"Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean's Greatest Predator"


We talk with the author of "Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean's Greatest Predator" Jason Colby.

About the Book:

Since the release of the documentary Blackfish in 2013, millions around the world have focused on the plight of the orca, the most profitable and controversial display animal in history. Yet, until now, no historical account has explained how we came to care about killer whales in the first place. Drawing on interviews, official records, private archives, and his own family history, Jason M. Colby tells the exhilarating and often heartbreaking story of how people came to love the ocean's greatest predator. Historically reviled as dangerous pests, killer whales were dying by the hundreds, even thousands, by the 1950s – the victims of whalers, fishermen, and even the US military. In the Pacific Northwest, fishermen shot them, scientists harpooned them, and the Canadian government mounted a machine gun to eliminate them. Colby’s Orca (Oxford) is the definitive history of how the feared "killer" became the beloved "orca" – and what that has meant for our relationship with the ocean and its creatures.

Book Event:

  • Wednesday, June 6 @ 7:30 PM
  • Powell's City of Books