"Unmedicated" Author Madisyn Taylor


The author of "Unmedicated" Madisyn Taylor shares her advice on taking your well-being into your own hands.

Madisyn Taylor in Conversation With Richard Cohn

Madisyn Taylor, cofounder of the holistic lifestyle website DailyOM, was plagued by depression and anxiety, suffering from chronic physical problems that left her desperate for solutions. Spending decades searching for answers, she turned first to the medical community, which put her on a roller coaster course of numerous doctors, tests, and an unhealthy reliance on medications that left her numb and lifeless. With her happiness and future on the line, she then made the decision to become unmedicated, reaching out to the natural, holistic health realm. After years of practice and research, Madisyn developed an integrative wellness program that put her back in the driver's seat of her health, and ultimately, her life. Unmedicated: The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness (Atria) is Taylor’s thoughtful account of how she broke free from binding mental chains and physical ailments to be happy, healthy, and productive. Taylor offers a daily program of easy-to-follow actions based on four pillars that will build a lifelong foundation for health: clear your mind, strengthen your body, nurture your spirit, and find your tribe. It is also a gentle, compassionate, and achievable path that empowers you to take back your life and live fully. Taylor will be joined in conversation by Richard Cohn, Beyond Words publisher.

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