Author of "Wildfire" Heather Hansen share about her new book.

About the Book:

Environmental journalist, Heather Hansen has spent the last few years researching wildland firefighting science, technique, and policy in the West. In the course of writing her recently released book Wildfire, she’s visited scientists at the USFS Fire Lab in Missoula, MT, trained with an elite wildland firefighting crew in Boulder, CO, interviewed Yosemite National Park’s fire chief about proscribed burns, and has researched the “WUI problem” or what people living in the wildland-urban interface can and should do to protect themselves and their community from wildland fires. She feels there is a growing trend towards community involvement and activism around what we should do nationally, at the state level, and in our own communities and neighborhoods to help mitigate the size and impact of increasingly large fires – now called Megafires. A polished speaker, Heather is able to distill scientific and policy info in away the average viewer can appreciate and understand. She also has high res images of her time shadowing wildland firefighters in the field that may be of interest to viewers.

In addition, Oregon Wild is also able to provide a guest speaker such as their Executive Director Sean Stevens to address specifics about what viewers can do in their area to address local issues around wildfire and its impact on wildlife habitat, recreation, and conservation.

Heather will speak about her work and her newly release book at events in Portland on 6/20, Hood River, 6/21 and Bend, 6/22 all of which are co-sponsored by Oregon Wild.