Celebrating the French Open with Côte De Porc Charcutière


As the Tennis Channel kicks off coverage of the French Open, Philippe Boulot, Executive Chef at the Multnomah Athletic Club shared his recipe for Côte De Porc Charcutière.

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Côte De Porc Charcutière Featuring Carlton Farms

Carlton Farms Pork Chop Bone-In- 2 Each

Whole Shallots, Peeled, Sliced- 2 Each

Garlic Clove, Peeled, Smashed- 2 Each

Dry White Wine, Chardonnay- 1.5 Cups

Veal Stock- 1 Cup

Dijon Mustard, Good Quality- 4 Tablespoon

Fresh Thyme 3 Sprigs

Cornichons, Sliced ½ Cup

Asparagus, Local, Farmers Market 10 Pieces

Local Framers Market Mushrooms, 1 cup

Your Choice, Cleaned, Cut Into Uniform Pieces- 1 Cup

Italian Parsley, Chopped- 3 TBSP

Olive Oil, Good Quality- ¼ Cup


For The Pork;

• Season Pork Chops with Salt and Black Pepper.

• Seared In A Heavy Bottom Sauté Pan, 4 Minutes On Each Side.

• Remove Pork From The Pan And Reserve In A Warm Location.

• Deglaze The Pan With The White Wine, Shallot, Garlic, and Thyme.

• Reduce The Wine By ¾ Then Add The Veal Stock.

• Reduce The Veal Stock By Half Or Until It Coats The Back Of A Spoon.

• Stir In the Dijon & Cornichons.

• Hold Sauce in a Warm Location.

For The Vegetable Garnish;

• Steam The Asparagus Until Just Tender.

• Sauté Mushrooms With Olive Oil Until Just Tender Then Add The Chopped Parsley.

For The Plating;

• Lay Out 2 Dinner Size Plates.

• Place 5 Pieces Of Asparagus In The Center Of Each Plate.

• On Top Of The Asparagus Place The Mushrooms.

• Place The Pork Chop On The Mushrooms, Pour Sauce Over The Pork.