"Killer " Black Bean Salad

hip cooks cookbook.JPG

The Author of Hip Cooks Cookbook, Monika Reti showed Tra'Renee how to make her "Killer" Black Bean Salad.


This salad is best with black beans that you've cooked yourself. Canned black beans can be too mushy. And do make this salad-it is truly fabulous!

  • Black Beans 2 cups dried, cooked in salted water until al dente
  • Avocado 1, peeled, pitted, and diced
  • Tomatoes 2 large, seeded and diced
  • Red Onion 1 small, diced
  • Corn 1 cup cooked (fire-roasted corn from the frozen aisle is delicious!)
  • Garlic 3 cloves, finely chopped
  • Cilantro 1 handful, chopped
  • Lime Juice from 3 limes
  • Olive Oil 4 tablespoons
  • Maldon Salt to finish

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Finish with a sprinkle of Maldon Salt for a delightful crunch. Taste and adjust with lime juice, olive oil, and more salt, if needed.