Roasted Pears


If you're looking for the perfect winter accompaniment to add to your appetizer about roasted pears? Chef Bill King demonstrated how to make roasted pears. Click here for more information about Chef Bill.

  • 4 D’Anjou Pears, cut in 1/4th stem to end and cored (they can be pretty firm and under-ripe)
  • 1C White Sugar
  • 1T Ground Cinnamon

- Set your oven on broil

- Place the oven rack at the highest level, closest to the broiler elements

- Mix the sugar and cinnamon

- Toss the quartered pears in the sugar

- Place, cut sides up, on a parchment covered sheet pan

- Lace the pan on the top oven rack

- Watch closely! Once the pears start to take color they can burn quickly

- What you want and caramelized cut surfaces with some darker charring without letting them burn

- Remove and allow to rest to room temperature

- When the pears have rested they will not only have the lovely browned and charred surfaces but the process will cook the pears down through the fruit and the will be slightly and perfectly softened