2018 Beauty Reboot


Professional Makeup Artist Melissa Chee gives us tips for a New Year Beauty Reboot. For more on Melissa, CLICK HERE.

Let’s talk about the easiest Beauty resolutions you should make and keep in the new year for the biggest impact on your Beauty in 2018. Here are Melissa's top tips:

1. Everything starts with your skin. We want it to be healthy. So cleansing and moisturizing morning and night is a must. Hopefully, you already have that down so let’s also get to some makeup tips.

2. Brows! If you don’t do your brows. Start. Your brows frame your face and make a huge impact on your look and looking pulled together. It’s easier if you already have a professionally groomed shape. Be sure to go to someone you trust and have seen their work. You don’t want to trust your brows to just anyone. But the basic shape is guided by your eyes. A straight line up from the inner corner of your eye is where your brow should start. It should be squared off not angled. Everyone’s arch is a little different but general should peak about 1/8 inch past your iris. Your trusted brow professional will help with this. Then the tip should taper towards the end.

3. You have lots of options when it comes to what kind of product you want to use. A pomade will give you richer bolder color. A brow powder is lighter, more forgiving and natural. My personal favorite is brow wiz - a slim retractable pencil. If your brows need extra taming fill in with a brow gel.

4. For everyday, you can keep your routine super simple - brows, tinted moisturizer and concealer, blush or bronzer, mascara and lip color.

5. The new year is a great time to make some changes to your everyday beauty routine. Whatever you decide on, just be sure it makes you feel good and confident. That’s what is most important.