5 Steps to Take If Your Child is Battling a Mental Illness

teen mental ill.JPG
teen mental ill.JPG

Mom and Mental Health Advocate, Kimberly Berry talked to Tra' about the five steps you should take if your child is battling a mental illness. Click here for more information about the Camas Wellness Festival.

5 steps on what to do if you have a child struggling with mental health issues:

1. Find out if you have coverage through your insurance for behavioral health issues.

2. Conduct a provider search understanding there are wait lists for many therapists in the area due to a shortage of mental health providers.

3. Contact your primary care physician to have your child screened, and provide any acute emergency care.

4. Reach out to your natural support systems or find resources that can help you navigate the world of mental health.

5. Educate yourself on behavioral health so you can become an advocate and ally for your child.