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5 Ways to Improve Your Child's Health


Pediatric Nutritionist Katharine Jeffcoat shares her 5 ways to improve your child's health and nutrition this year. For more on Katharine, CLICK HERE.

1. Have family meals... I'll share some some strategies as to why this is so important and how to make meal planning easier

2. Cook with your kids.. I'll share why this is so important and some favorite kitchen tools I use.

3. Eat more fiber. I'll show some easy swaps to get more fiber in your families diet and why this is so important.

4. Reduce sugar. I'll share some easy swaps to decrease sugar in your families diet.

5. Include regular joyful movement. Exercise should be fun and doing activities as a family is the best way to make sure the whole family stays healthy. I'll share some examples of activities families can do.

About Katharine:

  • Child & Family Nutrition Expert
  • Portland Pediatric & Family Nutrition
  • p:971-319-1288
  • Portland: 5201 SW Westgate Drive, Bldg. B, Ste #100.
  • Vancouver: 717 NE 61st St, Ste 203