Apps to Organize Your Life

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TRELLO 1.png

Founder of Portland Women in Tech, Megan Bigelow shares the best apps to help you get organized! For more on Megan, CLICK HERE.

Spendee - Do you worry about where all your money is going? Spendee allows you to track EVERYTHING by logging all of your expenses using handy categories like, food, clothing, car against your "wallet." You can see daily and money spending habits in amazingly easy-to-read charts as well as see the geographic locations of your expenses. The latest version allows you to sync with your bank account and setup recurring expenses.

Day One - A very simple journaling app that allows you to easily capture your thoughts. I use it daily to list 3 things in 3 categories. What I am grateful for, what would make today great, and three things that I am! In addition to having all of that, it captures date, time, weather and location data. You can use formatting in your journal entires and add pictures and what music you are listening to!

Trello (older kids, adults only) - Do you have to-do lists, chalk boards and post-its trying to organize all the house duties for your family? Throw it all away and use Trello, a task management system that is commonly used for business and work excellent for the home front. You can use it online or as an app on your phone and you create boards. We have a board called "house projects" where we track all the things we need to do at home in the form of "cards," like "clean out the garage" or "replace the deck step." Each card can have one or more owners and due dates. This works great if you want to divy up tasks amongst a number of people in the home. With due dates, Trello will remind the card "owner" when their task needs to be done so you don't have to pester anyone!

LastPass - Organize all of your passwords! Whether on your browser or device, LastPass allows you to store all of your passwords in one place. Once you've "unlocked" it using a master password, you have access to all of your passwords. When you are accessing websites that you've already saved a password for, it will autofill the user name and password. It will also changes to passwords and prompt you to update LastPass. If going to a website for the first time, it will allow you to select a secure password and store it in a couple of clicks.

Evernote - Organize literally EVERYTHING with this app. You start by creating notebooks, which all you to categories all your notes by theme. Then you add notes within each notebook related to that theme. As an example, if you have a drawer full of files, you can create a notebook for each file folder and scan all the files within that notebook, tagging each of them, so you can search for them later. Then, you can ditch the file cabinet!