Best Phone Apps of 2017

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Co-Founder and President of "Portland Women in Tech," Megan Bigelow shares her favorite Phone Apps for 2017. For more about Megan, CLICK HERE.

1.Slack: This app not only allows you to easily stay connected to your work teams, it is a tremendously important tool to stay connected to your “people.”

2.Workfrom: The company that created this app is based in Portland and it is a tool to help remote and independent workers find the best possible place to work from. Workfrom leverages 2000+ scouts in 1250 cities around the globe to curate locations that are best-suited to work!

3.Companion: This is a safety app that let's you designate remote companions to "walk you home" when you are alone. Before you begin your journey, you invite up to three companions to ensure you get home safely.

4.Validated: Another app developed in Portland. It lets users "validate" their purchases at brick-and-mortar stores in exchange for credit on transportation, like lyft, uber, bike town.

5.Clue: Cycle-tracking app without "butterflies and euphemisms." The best thing about this app is allows you to connect with other people so you can be made aware of their cycles or they can be more involved in yours. This app also tracks a number of other things including your mood, cravings, physical activity and dr. appointments. Made in Berlin, Germany.

6. Countable