Do's & Don'ts of Your Online Dating Profile


Relationship Expert & Sex Coach, Kristine D'Angelo gave tips on how to do your pictures for your online dating profile! Click here for more information about Kristine.

Online Dating: Ways to Improve Your Online Profile

According to, 19% of Brides in 2017 said they met their spouses online. In total, 37% of relationships and marriages begin online. Online dating once had a stigma attached to it but its definitely disappearing and becoming more and more popular way to meet people.

Profile Photos:

Your photo is the first thing people look at when they visit your profile. All it takes is 1/10 of a second for them to form an opinion about you based off of that first photo. So you've got to put some thought into which photos you choose!

  • 1- Limit your number of selfies, avoid them all together if you can. You don't just want photos of you, you want to show that you're connected to friends, family & pets so show 1-2 shots of you and them as well. Now, this is probably the biggest tip I can give- do not put up gym or bathroom selfies! Nobody wants to see that!
  • 2- Put up high resolution photos, no blurry or hard to see pictures.
  • 3- Use a variety of photos- You want to include a body shot, activity shot, something that shows what you love doing and do not put up cropped photos - cropping out somebody will lead the viewer to question who that was/is.. could be an ex? Don't even give the viewer the opportunity to question who is in that photo with you.
  • 4- Above all else- only put up current photos! Nothing older than 6 months. If you've done any online dating at all then you're probably aware that some people don't do this and they show up looking NOTHING like their profile pic.

Profile Content:

  • 1- Put some thought into your 'About Me'. Writing a simple 'Just Ask' won't get you dates. People are looking at your profile to see if they will be able to connect with you on your interests and hobbies.
  • 2- Avoid simple sentences like 'I'm funny' or 'I like to be active'
  • Tell your viewers how you like to be active or what makes you funny. Example: I love to hit the mountain during the winter and go snowboarding or I love to go camping in the summer and explore hiking trails. You want the viewer to imagine themselves hiking that trail with you, they're feeling connection to your interests.
  • 3- Men! Take charge! If you've connected with somebody and you've had 5-10 consistent messages between you then ask this person out! Confidence is super sexy so by asking her out AND having a plan for your date you're already way ahead of the last guy she dated.. and didn't date again.