Easy Ways to be Present for Your Children


Parents are very busy people! Rushing to finish one task to get to the next... where and how do we find the time to actually be present with our children? Here to discuss ways to do just that...we welcomed back Parenting Coach, Kim DeMarchi. For more information- Click here.

The Steps in Providing GEMS?

1. Get on the child's eye level.

2. Make friendly, loving eye contact.

3. Lovingly touch.

4. Give 100% focused attention. Focus fully on what the child is saying and not about what you are going to cook for dinner, or the phone call you forgot to make. Try to feel what your child is feeling.

5. Give a "heart" response instead of a "head" response. i.e.: "Wow, that is so beautiful. Tell me more." vs. "That is going to go through metamorphosis and will turn into a Monarch butterfly that then migrates from the North to the South." These are not times for lectures, advice, or lessons.