Fabulous Royal Hats & Etiquette


Fashion Expert, Robin Allen showed off fabulous royal hats and also shared royal etiquette and history!

The Royal Wedding: Tradition meets Style!

1. Hats and fascinators are required in church with day dresses or pant/skirt suit—-and now, jumpsuits as of last year! **Back in the day the more elaborate your hat the higher up in society you are!

2. Tiaras are reserved for the Bride!

3. Bold and/or Pastels, floral prints in silks and linens.

4. Monochromatic is always sophisticated!

5. Covered shoulders is also expected in the church

6. No Black n White (you’re not the bride and it’s not a funeral)

7. Neutral nails + Nylons are a must!

8. British Designer for the gown (lace)

9. Mrytle in the bouquet

10. Welsh gold in the wedding ring

11. Appropriate lengths

12. Accessories should stay classic

13. MEN- lounge suits, coat + tails, military uniform