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Family Mealtime Recreated


Nutritionist Katharine Jeffcoat shares wonderful tips, supporting families eating at home. She shares advice for keeping it simple, and changing it up. For more on Katharine, CLICK HERE.

Ideas to help change things up:

1) subscribe to a meal subscription box. You can personalize to your preferences, ingredients and recipes sent to your door (Blue Apron, Freshly, Hello Fresh. ). This can save a family money when it's cutting down on food waste. A local favorite is ACME farms which is local . Try Imperfect produce to receive a weekly box of organic fruits/veggies that includes ideas on how to cook and prepare.

2) I like meal planning having set themes such as pizza Friday, Taco Tuesday. Shop online will save money and more time-efficient.

3)Other fun ideas, pack a picnic, take dinner to the park. sandwiches /fruit for dinner is ok, keep it simple. Meals don't have to be difficult.

4) if you have older kids, put them to work!