Holiday Gimmies


Parenting Coach, Kim De Marchi talked about how to handle the "holiday gimmies"! Click here for more information about Kim.

First, recognize that our children are bombarded with brilliant advertising and marketing. The commercials and catalogs are incredibly enticing! Even adults get sucked into thinking they must have certain items. As the parents, we are responsible for our children's media consumption. Even with limiting consumption, parents still need to have conversations with their children about marketing and advertising.

Second, try not to place judgment on the gift the children wants. Even if it's $300, don't judge that. We don't need to get into it. It's usually unnecessary.

Who do we want to give to this year? Who do we appreciate? What do we value? How do we want to show our gratitude? Your child may include family, friends, teachers, neighbors, coaches, community service workers. You can adopt a child or family for the holidays. List them and then help them decide what they want to do for each one. Of course, they will automatically think of buying them gifts. Help them see that there are additional ways to show we care:

* Homemade gifts such as bookmarks, photo frames, jewelry, baked goods, dog toys and flowers from the garden

* Gift of time such as gift card for Jamba Juice and library visit, coupon for day hike to Silver Falls, trip downtown to Saturday Market

* Gift of service such as a book of coupons, i.e.: Good for one hug, Good for playing a game of your choice, Good for helping me garden, volunteering at a food pantry

* Written gifts such as cards, poems, letters, and drawings

It's time to put the Happy back in Happy Holidays!