How to be a Good Sport Parent


Parenting Expert Kim DeMarchi shared tips with Tra'Renee about how to be a Good "Sport" Parent. Click here for more information about Kim.

What are some ways you can show your Child Unconditional Love after a game? (no matter what happens on the field!)

~ Kids dread the car ride home!

1. No sports talk on ride home. Too soon. 2. Choose the right time to talk/teach lessons.(Did you have fun? What are you most proud of? Is there anything you would have done differently?) 3. Take your child's lead on talking about the game.

~ Accept your child no matter their performance.

~ Appreciate ALL effort and accomplishments in sports, as well as other areas.

~ Teach your child that they can be valuable in other areas beyond sports.

~ Don't squelch their dreams. They'll figure it out in time.

~ Challenge the high value that our society places on sports.

~ Just as you are not your net worth or your dress size, your child is NOT their win/lose record!