How to Flip a House Like a Pro!


Professional House Flipper Bobby Curtis showed his latest house flip and gave insider tips on how to flip a house! Click here for information about Bobby.

- Consider looking at houses that have been on the market for longer than a few weeks. Perhaps you can get in there with an offer at a lower than list price just before they officially lower the list price.

- Use the inspection period wisely when you buy a house to renovate. Negotiate ahead of time with the sellers to allow you to have contractors come in and give bids for the work you will be doing. This allows you to know before the inspection period ends how much certain work will cost, and better understand the extent of the problem.

- When you keep going back and forth on what material you should use for a project like, do I go with carpet, laminate, or hardwoods,work with your Realtor to identify what materials are being used in the surrounding houses that are selling for the price point you plan to be at. Go with that!