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How to get out of a bad mood


Rachel O'Rourke: Personal Growth Expert share tips to flip around your funk and get to feeling good again. For more on Rachel, CLICK HERE.

Step 1: Understand what causes our moods

A mood is simply a sustained feeling. You may initially have the feeling of anger because somebody cut you off driving to work, but still feeling angry an hour later is a mood. But why would something that happened an hour ago put you in a bad mood? It's because you are still thinking about it. Our thoughts are the language of our mind and our feelings are the language of our body. How think and how you feel creates your state of being. Most people are living in the familiar past and creating a future based off of the feelings from that past.

Step 2: If you're in a bad mood - stop and observe what thoughts are running through your head. Notice where they came from. Sometimes negative thoughts can linger for days and cause an extended bad mood. Or what people call "being in a funk". Stopping and actually observing is HUGE and most people simply don't do it.

Step 3: Think different thoughts. One of the easiest ways to shift your mood is to change what you are feeling in that moment. One of the easiest ways to change that feeling is to focus on what you are grateful for in your life...and there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions if you really lean in and feel it. If you're grateful for your kids, don't just think about your kids - think about an experience you have with them that creates a positive emotion. For me, that's my daughter's belly laughs when she gets tickled.

Step 4: Continue until the mood shifts! If you think the same thoughts repeatedly, they become "hard wired" into our brain and produce chemicals called emotions. The body will create subconscious programming based off of what you think and feel on a consistent basis.

Rachel will be be speaking at the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce "Elevate" Motivational speaking series thursday night if we can share that? Should be a great community event.