How to Survive this Summer with your Kids


Parenting Expert, Kim deMarchi shared tips with Tra'Renee about how to survive this summer with your kids. Click here for more information about Kim.

Q: You also think it's important to have "Must do's"? What are those?

Those are all the things we need to be doing on a consistent basis ~

Reading (aloud, silently, on tape, with headphones)

Chores/Responsibilities if you have a napper, maybe the "must dos" can be done during this time)

Practicing the Piano

Volunteering/Community Service (the world is filled with ways we can help and simple acts really do make a big difference) (Dog parks, bake for community workers)

Brushing up on Academics (math facts, journaling, etc...)

Q: What happens when your kids say the infamous, "I'm bored!"?

It's okay to allow your kids to just sit with their boredom, uncomfortably. They'll come up with their own things to do. There is tremendous value in boredom. It forces them to get creative. But you can also help your kids come up with an I'm Bored Jar or Boredom Buster Jar (all screen free!)

Decorate, brainstorm and write each activity on small slips of paper, fill the jar, pick when they say "I'm bored!"

Watercolor paint

Run through the sprinklers

Build a new Lego creation

Play a game

No matter what, I would highly recommend strictly limiting technology/screens. Perhaps a certain time each day can be designated "screen time", or they can be allotted a certain number of minutes. And certainly, it can be given after they complete their "must dos". I would also institute daily reading time and library visits. Check out your local libraries! There are summer reading programs with incentives, as well as performers, storytellers and magicians. Whatever your summer plans, most importantly, connect with your children, have fun and make memories!