Kids' Sleeping Habits Over the Holidays


Certified Sleep Consultant, Lauren Olson gave tips for how to keep your kids on track with their sleeping habits this holiday season. Click here for more information about Lauren.

How to Keep Good Sleep Habits over the Holidays:

1. Top Tips While Traveling with Children for the Holidays

Roadtrips: Leave during nap time

Domestic Flights: Book a mid-morning flight & minimize gear (bringing one product to show, but it's small so no big table necessary for me this time)

International Flights: Reserve a plane bassinet for naps

2. Staying with Family

Bring your Must Haves

Stick to your home routines

Put them to bed earlier than normal

3. When Family is Visiting

Lengthen your Naptime & Bedtime routines to wind down

Morning Quiet Time (REM in the last 2 hours)