Parenting Apps and Gadgets


Megan Bigelow joined us to share Apps and Gadgets to help parenting. To learn more about Megan, visit her website.

Circle - Device that allows you to control, filter, block, pause, schedule the internet for your kids!

Time Timer - A clock that has a red disc to show time as it elapses. This clock is great for school, work and especially home because kids have a visual to help them understand how much time they have to play, get ready for bed, eat dinner and much more! The device itself is incredibly durable, easy to use and see. It comes in 20, 60 and 120 minute versions. The "mod" version can attach to a special whiteboard to make it easy to track "to dos" that need to be done in a specific amount of time.

OK to Wake! Clock

Trello (older kids) - Do you have to-do lists, chalk boards and post-its trying to organize all the house duties for your family? Throw it all away and use Trello, a task management system that is commonly used for business and work excellent for the home front. You can use it online or as an app on your phone and you create boards. We have a board called "house projects" where we track all the things we need to do at home in the form of "cards," like "clean out the garage" or "replace the deck step." Each card can have one or more owners and due dates. This works great if you want to divy up tasks amongst a number of people in the home. With due dates, Trello will remind the card "owner" when their task needs to be done so you don't have to pester anyone!

ChoreMonster/Mothershp (young kids) - A gamefied app for kids and an app for parents to help kids do chores!