Portland Rescue Mission: The Power of a Meal


KATU and Portland Rescue Mission are inviting you to make a difference and give safe shelter for as many people as we can, every day of the year.

We were joined in the studio by Executive Director of the Portland Rescue Mission, Eric Bauer.

When you donate, you’re giving a good meal and a safe bed. But you’re also giving much more than that. Homelessness isn’t just a physical thing – being without a home. For most people, homelessness is a condition of the heart. These men and women are deeply hurting, lonely, exhausted, depressed and ready to give up. When you donate, you’re giving someone HOPE that tomorrow can be better. You’re giving them friendship. You’re giving them connection to people who understand what they’re going through and know how to help.

There’s no better way to help others this Christmas than to give someone a fresh start in life.

Donate online at www.PortlandRescueMission.org