Simple Ways to Shave 100 Calories Off Meals


Health & Nutrition Expert, Lori Faren showed Kara Mack simple ways to shave 100 calories off meals. Click here for more information about Lori.

Easy Ways to cut 100 calories from your dishes:

1) Love Pizza?!!! Try switching from regular pizza crusts to a thin crust or use a wrap as the base instead of a pizza crust to save on calories. For example, a regular vegetarian slice of pizza from Papa Murphy’s is approx. 300 calories, and a thin crust vegetarian pizza is only approx. 160 calories.

2) Lose the top bun on a Burger and replace with a piece of lettuce instead. A normal hamburger bun contains approx. 200 calories therefore, by replacing with a piece of lettuce, you are saving half the calories.

3) Cut back on your wine but still enjoy the fun by adding spritzer to your wine. A 5 oz. glass of white wine has approx. 150 calories, whereas if you add 2.5 oz. of white wine mixed with soda water, you still get a sparkling drink, but with half the calories.

4) Choose Greek Yogurt over Sour Cream in dishes such as chili, tacos or dressings. A dollop of sour cream has 115 calories and 12 grams of fat (the artery clogging kind), whereas Greek yogurt has just 17 calories per serving.

5) Try changing out Mayonnaise in sandwiches, tuna or chicken salads for mustard. One serving of mayonnaise is 95 calories, whereas a serving of mustard is only 10 calories.

6) Coffee drinks –Starbucks tall latte is approx. 170 calories, whereas replacing the latte with an Americano or coffee with some steamed milk, saving you over 100 calories.

7) Mashed potatoes—swap cauliflower in place of the potatoes. 1 cup of creamy mashed potatoes has over 200 calories and 1 cup of mashed cauliflower has less than 100 calories and you won’t even notice the difference!