Simplify Your Weekly Routines


The author of Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman's Guide, Shannon Ables chatted with Tra'Renee about how to simplify your weekly routines. Click here for more information about Shannon.

Simplifying Weekly Routines in Preparation for the start of Fall:

1. Create an evening ritual to tell the mind it's time to sleep, (goal: to give your body and mind 6-8 hrs of sleep)

2. Put the house to bed: Clean the dishes, pick up the house

3. Designate a place for incoming mail/bills/magazines/etc.

4. Have a breakfast routine. Leave time to breathe.

5. Make the bed. Just do it each morning: fewer than five minutes and something lovely to come home to at night.

6. Sync calendars with loved ones: Google Calendar, SolCalendar, Calendars 5, Outlook, Calendly

7. Make health/fitness routines mandatory: walking dogs, weekly yoga (buy the monthly pass now), standing walking date with your good friend, etc.

8. Charge electronic devices at night or at the same time each day, preferably not in the bedroom.

9. Create a regular beauty routine: daily (moisturize, cleanse), weekly (masques to exfoliate & moisturize) seasonally (spa facial, etc.)

10. Set a weekly date to clean the house (just 30 minutes - 1 hr)