Stay on Track this Holiday Season!


Health and Nutrition Expert, Lori Faren shared tips with Tra'Renee on how to stay on track this holiday season and not gain weight! Click here for more information about Lori.

1)Eat before you go! This sounds like it defeates the purpose, however its helpful to have a snack (rice cake with peanut butter, protein shake, greek yogurt) before you do. This helps you from diving into the the food when you arrive or reaching for something unhealthy because you are hungry.

2)Workout early that day—this helps set your intentions for the day and you might be less likely to blow your day if you already put in the efforts to workout.

3)If going to someones house, bring a healthy dish. You may never know what kind of food the host will be serving. If you bring something healthy, you will have at least one thing to eat that wont ruin all your hard work!

4)If you plan on drinking alcohol at the event, give yourself a drink limit. If I know I’m only going to have a few drinks and its going to be a long evening, I will drink my drinks slowly and have water in between them to space out the evening.

5)Don’t sit or stand by the snack/food table! I physically have to remove myself from this area or else I will end up mindlessly snacking!

6)If theres a dessert or a yummy treat at the party you want, have a few bites and give it away to a husband, friend or child. You don’t want to deprive yourself by not allowing youself any fun, however, if you have goals, having a few bites of something wont hurt your progress.

7)If the party is at your house and there are some unhealthy leftovers, either give them away or throw them out! I used to take my not so healthy leftovers to my neighbors house. This way, your not tempted to eat them or in my case, have just one bite here and there and the next thing you know, the whole dessert is gone!!