Tech Gadgets that Keep Your Family Safe


PDX Women In Tech's President, Megan Bigelow show us the best tech gadgets that keep your family safe. For more information on Megan, CLICK HERE.

Tinitell - Mobile phone for small kids + GPS tracker! Is your child just a bit too small for a normal mobile phone, though you'd like to stay in touch with them and know where they are, the Tinitell is the device for you! It is a wearable that looks like a watch, including a simple interface to allow incoming and outgoing calls to a pre-configured list of contacts.

AngelSense - This is the only tracking device designed specifically for children with special needs. The device attaches securely to their clothing or backpack and sends you notification once they arrived a pre-defined locations. It also shows the location of the child on the map and the exact speed they are traveling at. The most amazing thing about this device is its ability to silently "listen in" and do "Angel Calls."

Trax - This is an incredibly tiny GPS tracking device that has use cases including pets, children, teenage drivers, elderly, field workers and active adults! In addition to being tiny, it is waterproof. Using the app configured with your Trax you can do a lot! The Proximity Fence allows you to configure an allowed radius your pet or family member can roam away from you, it will alert you once they are outside of that proximity. Geofences allow you to configure safe areas away from you, like the park and you will be alert when you loved one enters and exits those locations. You will also be notified when the device is traveling at speeds greater than your pre-defined thresholds.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 - The most common baby monitor allows you to listen to your baby or watch them via a camera. THIS is different in that it is a sock that your baby wears and it monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels. You can check the the connected app to see what their levels and the base station will make a very loud audible sound and your app will alert you if either their heart or oxygen levels are too low. This allows new parents piece of mind, particularly with newborns.

Phillips Air Purifier - This device is suitable for medium to large rooms up to 277sq ft detecting air quality and allergens in the air. The visual display indicates the quality of the air, as does the color indicator on the front. The wifi enabled version allows you to track no only the air quality remotely, it keeps you alert to the outdoor air quality and notifies you when there is an issue as well as when filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Additionally, you can turn it on and off and set the timer from the app.