The Importance of Social Media When a Disaster Happens


Disaster Expert, Ali Hansen talked to Tra'Renee about the importance of Social Media when a disaster happens. Click here for more information about Ali.

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends during a disaster – but to take advantage of social tools, you need to prepare now!

One: Be social to build your skills

If you don’t use social media, or rarely use social media, make sure you know the basics – how to tell people you’re ok, or find out if they are. For Facebook, practice posting to your timeline, using messenger, and searching. For Twitter, practice tweeting, sending direct messages, and searching. Also learn more about Facebook’s Safety Check and Crisis Response features.

Two: Follow those in the know

Find and follow social media accounts for trusted organizations that help Oregon prepare for and respond to disasters. It’s information that’ll help you prepare now, and when something happens, it’ll be information you can rely on – which is really important during a disaster. Start by following your local emergency management office, fire and rescue, police, and your city, as well as FEMA, the Red Cross, and of course Oregon’s natural hazard and emergency agencies – Oregon Geology and the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Three: Connect with your community

Social media doesn’t just join us with family and friends – it also offers a great way to communicate with your neighbors. Check out NextDoor, a social network for neighborhoods, and search for any Facebook groups for your neighborhood or town.