Tsunami Warnings


Have you ever thought about what steps we should take if and when we hear a tsunami warning? Our guest today has! She was here to share her easy two-point plan for talking tsunamis and taking action to prepare with friends and family. We welcomed back, the Oregon Department Communications Director for the Geological and Mineral Industries...Ali Ryan Hansen...a.k.a. our Disaster Expert!

Bust the Big Tsunami Myth

The myth: A tsunami wave will reach Portland. (Or Hillsboro, or Beaverton, or Salem, or Eugene). No!

How to bust it: DOGAMI scientists created the tsunami maps at OregonTsunami.org, which show far inland the biggest possible tsunami might reach. It varies from place to place, but the farthest inland it will reach is three miles. Yes, only three miles! A tsunami will not reach all the way to Interstate Five. But remember a Cascadia earthquake will strongly shake many places in Oregon, and we all need to take steps to prepare. Two Weeks Ready shows how to prepare easily and over time.

Be Ready to Bust A Move

A tsunami won't reach beyond the coast. But we all love to visit the coast, so we all need to know what to do when a tsunami happens. Here's how:

Know your tsunami types

- A local tsunami happens right off the Oregon coast. This is the tsunami that happens with a Cascadia earthquake the big one! The earth shaking is your warning. Drop, cover, hold on and then head to high ground because the tsunami will arrive in minutes.

- Distant tsunamis happen far away from Oregon, and take hours to reach us. There will be time for a warning, and to get to high ground. There are different types of tsunami information messages print this great National Weather Service graphic and take it with you!

Know where high ground is…before you go!

- The interactive evacuation zone map at OregonTsunami.org shows how far inland local and distant tsunamis will reach.

- For a tsunami caused by a Cascadia earthquake, get out of the orange. For a local tsunami caused by an earthquake far away, get out of the yellow.

- Enter the address where you're staying to see where high ground is, and map out a route to get there.

- Practice that route by walking it when you arrive!