Unpick Your Pick Eater


Do you have a picky eater in your life?! Child and family nutrition expert Katharine Jeffcoat has solutions on how to unpick that pickyness!

Katharine's Tips:

1) Remove the anxiety at meals – Anxiety causes the fight or flight response and results in increased adrenaline which zaps appetite.

2) Serve family meals – This is the best opportunity for children to learn about new foods.

3) Have a schedule for meals and snacks – Spacing meals and snacks 2-3 hours apart will give your child the opportunity to come to the meal hungry at mealtime.

4) Have positive food talk – Avoid labeling food as “Good/Healthy” or “Bad/Junk” and instead think of food as “Fuel, Growing foods, Muscle builders, Long Energy foods”.

5) Cook with your child – Cooking with your child allows a wonderful opportunity for sensory exposure in a no pressure situation.