Actor & Comedian Rob Schneider


From Real Rob on Netflix to "The Richmeister" on SNL-- he's been making us laugh for more than more than 30 years. Rob Schneider joined us to share stories from his career, his family life and more.

"Real Rob” is Rob Schneider's new independent sitcom. The series marks the first time ANY ACTOR has ever written, produced, starred in, directed and (most importantly) financed an ENTIRE SEASON of a television show.

Rob previously wrote, produced and starred in the CBS sitcom “Rob,” which premiered to an audience of 13.5 million viewers and averaged over 11 million viewers over the run of it’s 8 episodes (CBS chose not to pick up the show).

“Eleven million viewers is not enough for them?” said Rob, “It’s enough for me!” So Rob decided to go it alone, without the studio and their ‘notes’ (or their money). “I knew we could do better, and the old days of the networks and studios running (and owning) everything is on it’s way out. Now we can make our show, our way and bring it to our audience ourselves.”

Mashable : Rob Schneider gets 'Real' with new Netflix series

Mashable: Rob Schneider gets 'Real' with new Netflix series

Schneider wrote all eight episodes of the new show with his wife, Mexican television producer Patricia Azarcoya, (as Rob's hero John Cleese did with his then-wife, Connie Booth, in the classic “Faulty Towers”) and good friend, comedian Jamie Lissow. Patricia and Jamie also co-star in the series.

“Like my time on Saturday Night Live, we want to make a show that makes ourselves and our friends laugh, and a show that we would want to watch,” said Rob.

The scripted series, interspersed with Rob Schneider’s stand-up comedy performances, is an exaggerated yet brutally honest depiction of Schneider’s real life. Managing the ups and downs of a Hollywood career and it’s celebrity treatment, having a younger Mexican wife, a new baby, an ever-present stalker (Max Amini), and his completely incompetent assistant (Lissow), “Real Rob” shows the ‘close to the bone’ real life of the internationally famous comedian.

For more information, visit Rob's website.