How Not to Go Holi-Crazy this Holiday Season


"The Dear Mattie Show" Podcast Host, gave tips on how not to go crazy this holiday season! Click here for more information about Matt.


5 Tips to Keep You from Going Holi-crazy

1. Write out a list. Poor planning = poor emotional health.

2. Take your me time. Even if its five minutes do what you love. Watch a youtube video, take a walk, drink some wine. DO YOUR LIFE.

3. Ask yourself, “Is this thing (insert stressor) REALLY that important?” A year from now, is this the thing that I will remember about the holiday? Probably not. Also if you're in an argument ask yourself, "Who cares about this more?" Because if someone means more to the other person--let them have it their way and move on.

4. Don’t do it all yourself. INCLUDE OTHERS. Don’t micromanage. It’s the best way to make the holidays a family affair. Let the kids decorate, help cook. Call your friends or family over to help do things together. That’s what makes memories. You don't have to do it all...and you shouldn't. It's too much.

5. Stop. Drop. AND BREATHE. I love a five minute meditation or mindfulness exercise. AND THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. I love Mind Journey app on my phone.