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"Discover Your Dharma"

Discover Your Dharma.jpg
Discover Your Dharma.jpg

In a world where people are beginning to think beyond the green smoothie, and see wellness as an extension of living their purpose, Sahara Rose is leading the conversation on Ayurveda (the world's oldest health system and a sister science of yoga) and spirituality. Sahara, a best-selling author, public speaker, and host of the wildly popular podcast, The Highest Self, joined us to share her new book, Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose.

She shared how to discover your dharma (your soul's true purpose) and how you can take steps to fulfill your purpose. She also talked about your vibrational state and how you can change it to put out the kind of high energy that you are looking to receive.

For more information or to take the dharma archetype quiz, visit Sahara's website.