Echo of Distant Water

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It's a new book about an old mystery--the 1958 disappearance of the Martin family from Portland. JB Fisher, author of Echo of Distant Water, joined us to share the haunting story and how he came to write it.

The book tells the story of Ken Martin, his wife Barbara, and their three young daughters who left their Northeast Portland home in December 1958 to search for Christmas greens in the Columbia River Gorge—and never returned. The Martins' disappearance spurred the largest missing persons search in Oregon history and the mystery has remained unsolved to this day.

For the past six years, JB has pored over the case after finding in his garage a stack of old Oregon Journal newspaper articles about the story. Through a series of serendipitous encounters, he obtained a wealth of first-hand and never-before publicized information about the case including police reports from several agencies, materials and photos belonging to the Martin family, and the personal notebooks and papers of Multnomah County Sheriff's Detective Walter Graven, who was always convinced the case was a homicide and worked tirelessly to prove it. Graven, however, faced real resistance from his superiors to bring his findings to light. Used as a trail left behind after his 1988 death to guide future researchers, Graven's personal documents provide fascinating insight into the question of what happened to the Martins—a path leading to abduction and murder, an intimate family secret, and civic corruption.

  • Book Event for Echo of Distant Water
  • Tuesday August 20, 7:00-8:00pm
  • Annie Bloom’s Bookstore, 7834 SW Capitol Hwy

For more information, visit JB's website.