"Sluggy: Bogie's Other Baby" by Roy Widing


She was a famous actress who grew up and died right here in the Rose City. But she's probably best known for being legendary actor Humphrey Bogart's third wife. Roy Widing, author of the new book Sluggy: Bogie's Other Baby, joined us to share they story of Mayo Methot.

Methot was married to Bogart for seven years at the peak of his career. During this time, Bogart starred in major hit films like "Casablanca"' and "The Maltese Falcon." While Bogart is considered by some as Hollywood's greatest leading man, less recognized is Methot's own stardom on both the Broadway stage and in film. Along with her colorful, high-profile behavior and marriage to one of Hollywood's truly iconic performers, Methot's life is replete with talent, drama, celebrity, high stakes and controversy—all ingredients for a fascinating book.

  • Book Event for Sluggy: Bogie's Other Baby
  • Thursday, October 17 at 1:00pm
  • Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Chapel, 6705 SE 14th Ave, Portland

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