Star Wars Meets Shakespeare in "The Force Doth Awaken"

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The Force Doth Awaken.png

Experience "The Force Awakens" as a Shakespeare play, complete with Elizabethan verse, Shakespearian monologues, and theatrical stage directions! As the noble Resistance clashes with the vile First Order, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 are pulled into a galaxy-wide drama—in iambic pentameter! Ian Doescher, author of William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken, joined us to share how he takes a story from a galaxy far, far away, and turns it into something you’ll be convinced was written by the Bard.

We also got a performance of one of the books most climactic scenes-- where Han Solo confronts Kylo Ren-- from Comdy Sportz actors Craig McCarty and Patrick Short.

  • Book Event for The Force Doth Awaken
  • Tuesday, October 3rd at 7:00
  • Powell's Books, Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton

For more information, visit Ian's website.