The Taking of K-129

The Taking of K-129.png
The Taking of K-129.png

If it weren't a true story, you'd never believe it! Josh Dean, the author of the new book The Taking of K-129, joined us to share the amazing story of recovering a Soviet submarine that sank in 1968. It's an incredible true tale of espionage and engineering set at the height of the Cold War—a mix between The Hunt for Red October and Argo—about how the CIA, the U.S. Navy, and America’s most eccentric mogul spent six years and nearly a billion dollars to steal the nuclear-armed Soviet submarine K-129 after it had sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean; all while the Russians were watching.

  • Book Event for The Taking of K-129
  • Wednesday, November 1 at 7:00pm
  • Powell's Books, Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton

For more information, visit Josh's website.