"What to Eat When" Authors Michael Roizen, MD & Michael Crupain, MD, MPH

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It's a groundbreaking new book about the science of nutrition timing. We spoke via satellite with the authors or What to Eat When, Michael Roizen, MD, Michael Crupain, MD, MPH, and found out how what's on the clock matters as much as what's on the plate.

In WHAT TO EAT WHEN, Drs. Michael Roizen and Michael Crupain show us how the food choices we make each day—and when we make them—can affect our health, energy, sex life, waistline, attitude, and the way we age. Using the latest research and their decades of experience, the doctors explain what and when to eat during the 24-hour cycle of life and what to eat when our body, mood, and circumstances change. The result: better health, weight loss, and the ability to use food to prevent disease (and in some cases, reverse it).

Dr. Roizen, the chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic, and Dr. Crupain, the medical director of The Dr. Oz Show, take us through easy-to-remember guidelines on how to adjust our diet to maximize our biological rhythms and offer 30 short chapters on situational eating that guide us on how to eat, for example:

When we’re stressed or anxious

When we’re tired or hangry

When we’re exercising

When we have a family history of heart disease

When we have digestive distress

When we have a family history of cancer

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