Feast Friday: Boke Dokie


Patrick Fleming of Boke Dokie joined us for our first Feast Friday of the year! Patrick will be participating in this year's Sandwich Invitational. His sandwich today is a fried chicken sandwich with gochujang sauce and slaw .

For more information about Boke Dokie, visit their website.

Feast Portland starts September 14th, click here for more information.

Gochujang BBQ Sauce:

Yield 8oz

4 oz Gochujang paste

4 oz Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Tablespoon Chinese Mustard Reconstituted

2 Teaspoon Hot Boke Sauce (or favorite)

- Place all ingredients in a metal bowl and whisk together

Dipping/Sandwich Sauce

4 oz Japense Mayo (QP MAYO)

4 oz BBQ Sauce (recipe Above)

- Whisk the Mayo togther with the BBQ sauce

- Will last for 2 weeks in fridge