"Love On a Plate"

love on a plate.png

What if you could keep eating burgers, mac and cheese, and heal your body instead of hurting it? In LOVE ON A PLATE: The Gourmet UnCookbook , Cara Brotman and Markus Rothkranz feature recipes for many of your favorite foods without using ingredients such as meat, dairy, wheat or sugar. These dishes look and taste like the real thing. Better, they are all simple and easy to prepare. As almost sinfully delicious as these recipes are, once you’ve tried them you are almost certain to feel better than you've ever felt in your life. By feeding your body whole foods such as plants, seeds, and nuts and health oils, you help your body to grow and repair itself. Preparing raw-food meals is as simple as eating vegan is nutritious. Some of the recipes have less than five ingredients and take no time to make.