8 Signs It May Be Time to Make a Job Move

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Carol Parker Walsh.png

When you're having a few bad days or months at work, it can be hard to figure out if you're just in a rut or if it's time to leave. Now that we're in a new year and new decade, you may be thinking now is your time. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD, a career strategist and professional brand expert, joined us to share eight signs that it may be time to make a move.

  1. You're frequently sick: while your mind may be telling you to stay, your body is begging you to leave because you're frequently catching colds
  2. You're daydreaming more than working: if you find yourself wondering what else you can do or where else you can be more than actually working, it's time.
  3. You're not aligned: you're bored or overqualified for what you do and not utilizing your skills.
  4. You're afraid: the only thing keeping you in the job is your fear to be without a job.
  5. You're out of sync with your environment: you're in a toxic workplace, can't relate to your coworkers, or the culture just isn't a good match
  6. You lost your mojo: you've had a singular focus your entire career to get to the top of the ladder and not that you're there you hate the view.
  7. You're becoming negative: You find that your negativity at work is spilling over into every area of your life.
  8. Your gut is telling you to go: You've been hearing a voice in your head or have a feeling in your gut that's telling you it' time to go.