AARP: Annastasias Salon Joins OregonSaves

Luke & Natasha.png
Luke & Natasha

Workers in Oregon have a new, easy way to save for retirement at work, especially if your employer is too small to offer a retirement plan. Luke Huffstutter and Natasha Strength, owners of Annastasias Salon, joined us to share why they decided to join the OregonSaves pilot program and how it's benefiting their employees, both now and in the future.

Under OregonSaves, you will automatically start saving a percentage of your paycheck in your own IRA (individual retirement arrangement) that will stay with you from job to job. It will always remain your money and you have total control over your account. You do not have to participate and may opt out at any time.

For more information on saving for retirement, visit the OregonSaves website. And for general information on issues impacting older Oregonians, visit the AARP Oregon website.